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Ever since its inception, Impact Digital uses its focused approach and expertise and helps businesses gain visibility and traction in traditional as well as digital media.

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We, at Impact Digital, ensure to pitch the right and creative content to the right media promising incredible brand positioning. After a freshly brewed cup of coffee, our experts will do everything in their power to deliver mind-blowing results in no time.

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Our professionals carefully assess your brand’s ongoing PR campaigns and initiatives with the media.

Build key message

We help you craft an impact via consistently-produced news and meticulously-crafted content.

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We ensure clear communication between your brand and your desired audience.

Budget & scaling

We estimate the cost of operations, we set up a mutually-agreed transparent measurement for evaluating results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Press release?

Press Release is accurate news or information that brands publish to inform their audience about noteworthy material.

Are PRs still a hot topic?

With tools of the PR field still in the game despite the massive technological advancement, a Press release is one of them. Press releases when done with the right service provider, such as Impact Digital, can deliver your brand’s message and image to your target audience in a blink.

Benefits of PR in the media?

Do you think you have the finest product in the market? If nobody knows about it, prepare to witness failure miserably. Press releases are your ticket to shine through the blurry clouds. PR offers numerous benefits such as immediate exposure, cost-effectiveness, sales growth, increase in online traffic to the website, and ample social sharing.

What are the best channels to convey your brand message?

The answer is “It depends”. While there are exceptions, professionals at our agency will help you convey your message across the best channels despite your industry. Contact us to seek the best advice.